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Mortgage Portfolio Risk Evaluation


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Sign up to receive a Free Risk Evaluation of your Mortgage Portfolio using Speridian Technologies’ latest product Delinkure.

In less than 30 mins we will run you through:

  • The Default Prediction tool and help you identify High Risk portfolios
  • Also demonstrate the back office Early Resolution Q&A features to help give your customers plenty of resolution options
  • All you need to do is fill in an Excel spreadsheet template with your loan data. We will show you how to upload your data into Delinkure and get a risk assessment it’s as easy as that!

Don’t worry, our solution is completely secure and does not require any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Just fill in this form and a Delinkure expert will get back to you within one business day

About Delinkure

Delinkure is a comprehensive analytical solution offering Default Prediction Models that use Machine Learning (ML) to support Early Resolution and Loss Mitigation. Delinkure helps lenders, servicers and investors identify delinquency-prone loans early in the process, and assists in recovery and management of Non-Performing Assets.

We help leading banks, non-bank lenders and servicers to manage their Delinquent accounts with cost-effective, intelligent solutions.

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